Dwarf/Pot and Bedding Types

Little Duck

      The most compact American Marigold. Tidy plants with many fully double flowers. Outstandingly bright flowers sit on top of deep green foliage. High uniformity with strong peduncles enabling easier transportation.

     "Little Duck" has tube shaped, tightly clustered petals and is suitable for pots, bedding and landscapes.
Little Duck Yellow
Little Duck Orange

Intermediate / Bedding and Cut Flower Types

Bali "Floriferous"

"Bali" is bred and tested under tropical conditions. High flower yield and excellent for cut flower production. Plants are strongly branched and will not fall over during heavy rain. Flowers are round and firm.

Bali Yellow "Floriferous"
Bali Gold "Floriferous"
Bali Orange "Floriferous"


Continuously flowering with long stems.  Good to grow all year round.  Disease tolerance from fungal wilt and bacterial wilt.

Eagle Yellow


  • Good to grow all year round
  • Super firm & ball flower
  • Continuously flowering with long stems

Tall / Cut Flower Types

Narai "Strong Stem"

Bred under hot and humid conditions. Extremely strong and stiff stems producing large and bushy plants. Very suitable for cut flower vase and bouquet production. Plants produce many firm and large flowers. Also suitable for garland production. 

Narai Yellow "Strong Stem"
Narai Orange "Strong Stem"


  • Thick flower petals
  • Tall deep gold Marigold
  • Extra long flower stem
  • Ball and firm flower

Jedi "Tallest"

Large and firm flowers with a long shelf life. Beautiful uniform flower shape. Continuous flowering in the field. Tolerant to soil borne diseases such as Fusarium. Excellent adaptability to a wide range of climates.

Jedi Gold "Tallest"
Jedi Orange "Tallest"


Quick and high percentage of germination.  Vivid gold color.  Firm, ball shaped flowers with strong stems.  Plants produce flowers continuously.

Oriental Deep Gold
Oriental Gold