Hybrid Marigold Cultural Schedule

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Hybrid Marigold Cultural Schedule



2 weeks before planting begin soil preparation

Analyze soil for Macro nutrients NPK & Disease

Production Program


Day 1

Seed bed preparation. Plow to a depth of8-12”

Day 7

Roto-till to produce a seed bed with a fine tilth

Day 7

Sow Marigold seeds in a plug tray

Day 7 Set up bed by waling tractor
Bed preparation

Day 8

Apply soil improvement materials + Basal fertilizer N:P:K 15-15-15 at 1 oz. per square yard

Day 8

Construct raised soil beds to desired height and width

Irrigation system

Day 10

Install drip tape and test irrigation system

Day 11

Cover beds with plastic mulching

Day 12

Pierce holes in plastic mulch for planting plugs


Day 15

Transplant plugs into beds

Day 15

Apply fertilizer N:P:K 15-0-0 apply 1 oz. per square yard

Pest control : Prevention

Day 16

Spray pre-emergency herbicide between beds

Day 17

Install 1 yellow sticky trap 5 square yards 12-15 inches high

Day 21

Apply N:P:K 15-15-15 (1 oz./10 plants)

Day 28

Apply N:P:K 15-15-15 (1 oz./ 10 plants)

Fertilizer management

Day 35

Control weeds physically or by spraying a post emergence herbicide

Day 36

Apply fertilizer 14-14-21 rate 1.7 oz./10 plants

Day 42

Apply fertilizer 14-14-21 1.7 oz./10 plants

Once a week after 40 days

Apply fertigation rate 750 ppm of 15-0-0

Once a week after 40 days

Spray micro nutrients once a week (B, Zn, Ca, Fe, etc.)

Day 49

Apply N:P:K 8-24-24 0.17 oz./plant

Pest control


Scout for insects and disease and spray when threshold levels are reached


Spray NPV (Nuclear Polyhedroses Virus)

Bio control - grower chooses


Spray Trichoderma


Spray Bacillus subtilis


Day 70

Floret opening. one flower per plant


Day 75

First harvesting date

Day 78

Further harvesting every 2-3 days after first harvest.

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