About us

AmeriSeed is one of the leading International flower seed breeding, production and distribution companies servicing the professional and home garden market.

Our Group of Companies was established in 1982 with an Asian headquarters and research and development center in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Our American office is located in Lompoc, California. We have representative offices in countries throughout Asia, including China and Vietnam.

We specialize in Hybrid Marigold varieties. We also breed triploid and French Marigolds. Our F1 Marigold varieties include Dwarf, Semi-Dwarf, Semi-Tall, Tall Cut Flower and Garland types.

In addition to our famous "Marigolds" we have a "Specially Selected Range of Other Flower Seed Varieties" which we distribute worldwide. Most of our flower seed varieties are bred and selected in South East Asia for heat and humidity tolerance and resistance to disease.

Everyday around the world, AmeriSeed flowers are used in vases, landscapes, festival decorations and religious ceremonies.

We are eager to serve your needs. Our customer service team loves to answer questions and our technical service & advisory team have "hands-on" growing experience.  

We look forward to hearing from you and help Your Flower Business Grow.

Marigold Team Mission

: Breeding and selection of Marigolds in Asia for Tropical, Sub-tropical and Temperate Climates.

: Programming seed production to provide inventory for reliable supply.

: Developing technology to improve seed quality.

: To improve cultivation and growing methods to help growers obtain high yields and improved net profits.

: To visit grower's and educational establishments to learn about growing techniques and set up trials and training programs.

: To understand market needs and stimulate end user purchasing so as to enlarge the markets for Marigold flowers.



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