Cut Flower Marigolds: California Field Production

Cut Flower Marigolds: California Field Production

Along the journey, wildflower seeds are harvested, sown, and cultivated by good old mother nature in order to beautify scenery, along highways and throughout our surroundings. On the other hand, quality hybrid flower seeds pass through many human hands before they can eventually be enjoyed by the end user. Join us as we look at local flower and produce farmer, Shu Takiawa, and his role in Ameriseed Hybrid Cut Flower Marigold production for the fall season.

Located in the heart of the Santa Ynez valley, Shu’s farm know as “A Garden Of…” makes an excellent spot to grow a lot of crops for the Southern and Central California market. For example, Shu and his team recently transplanted over 10,000 Ameriseed Cut Flower Marigold Plugs into the field for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fall, but mostly the Day of the Dead. From Breeder, to Broker, to Plug Producer, on to the Farmer, you can start to see the process that will get these marigolds to consumers. At this point, the farmer has prepared land, set-up irrigation, and transplanted into the field. Next steps include pinching, fertilizer applications, watering, staking (if necessary), and monitoring for things like pest and disease. Once the marigolds are in full bloom, the farmer can harvest, package, and transport to various markets for sales.

A Garden Of… progress in the field – 3 weeks after transplant

Here is what we can look forward to in October!

For more commercial growing technology for Ameriseed Hybrid Cut Flower Marigolds, visit or informational website at Here you will everything there is to know about growing Cut Flower Marigolds and much more!

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