The AmeriSeed 2019 AAS winners

The AmeriSeed 2019 AAS winners

All-America Selections is the oldest independent testing organisation for flower varieties in North America and is recognised worldwide for rigorous testing procedures.
AAS winners offer professional and amateur gardens reliable, new flower varieties that have proven superior garden performance in trial grounds across North America.
When you buy an AAS winner you know that it has been tested by a neutral trialing organisation and has been judged by experts in the flower industry.

AmeriSeed is proud to have bred the following AAS winners for 2019:-

  • Zinnia Holi Scarlet F1 (National)
  • Marigold Big Duck Orange F1 (Regional – Heartland)
  • Marigold Big Duck Yellow F1 (Regional – NE, Heartland, Mtn/SW, W/NW)
  • Marigold Garuda Deep Gold F1 (Regional – Northeast, Heartland)
  • Vinca MegaBloom Polka Dot F1 (Regional – Northeast, Heartland)
  • Marigold Big Duck Gold F1 (National) (Announced November 2018)

Big Duck Gold

Holi Scarlet

Garuda Deep Gold

MegaBloom Polka Dot

Big Duck Yellow

Big Duck Orange

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